William Shay


Expected Graduation:

Los Angeles, CA

About Me:
Hi! I'm William, but I usually go by Liam. I am currently majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I'm Half-Irish, a Quarter-Japanese, and then a mix of a bunch of other European countries. I'm very tall and skinny and incredibly handsome, so if someone ever describes "the super tall, skinny, and handsome Jodaiko member with beautiful brown eyes and luscious locks of hair" you know they're talking about me. I grew up on Digimon, Legos, MMORPGs, and Fantasy Novels. Nowadays, I watch a lot of anime and play (too much) League of Legends. I've also played Clarinet for the past 7 years, and was Assistant Drum Major for my high school marching band. Playing taiko is something that has always interested me as a way to connect with my Japanese-American culture and community. Taiko will allow me to continue my growth as a musician while also honoring my heritage. I am very grateful and excited to play with Jodaiko.

Favorite Taiko Group(s)/Artist(s):

Favorite Quote(s):
"All we ever see of stars are their old photographs" -Alan Moore, Watchmen.
"Homo homini lupus est" -Latin Proverb

Favorite Food(s):
More Chocolate

Favorite Music Type(s):
Anything except Country

Favorite Movie(s):
Animal House
How to Train Your Dragon
Digimon the Movie
The Dark Knight